TBT: Bowls and BBQ

Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls

Today, and every thursday, I’ll be throwing it back to the good times.

We’re taking it back to a time when the sky outside was not solid grey, but bright blue and crystal clear. A time when it was so hot that wearing a hat was necessary for sun protection but impossible due to the level of sweat emitting from the forehead. A time when “of course we’re having beers at 12pm – It’s freaking hot” was totally acceptable and “maybe I’ll just take my clothes off” went through your head as a plausible option. During this time, summer in Australia, having to go out to get supplies for a makeshift BBQ was no problem and lawn bowls was the sport of choice.

It was a damn good time!