Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit GenevaVisit Geneva Visit Geneva There are two places I think you should go next time you are visiting Geneva. Like me, they are not fancy. So if you quickly skimmed the title of this post and thought it would be about Rolex watches and Mont Le Blanc luxury writing instruments the following will deeply disappoint you.

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Not Your Typical Day in Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Do you know what Fasnacht is? No? Don’t worry. Neither did I.

We had planned to visit the peaceful and elegant town of Lucerne for just one day. I’d been before and wanted Jack to witness it’s beauty. It was summer when I went last so I knew it would be different but I can tell you, with all certainty in the world, I was not expecting to experience anything like Fasnacht .

Fasnacht is the name for Lucerne’s 6-day carnival that celebrates the good things life: happiness, alcohol, music and costumes.

Fasnacht 2015

I was navigating our short drive from Zurich to Lucerne so I had my eye out for road signs and street names. As soon as we saw a sign that alerted us we were in Lucerne, I saw them. “OMG, I just saw people in the alleyway with really big heads.” I yelled. I was excited, confused, and a bit scared. Before I tried to explain, we started seeing them everywhere: people in extraordinary costumes, some with large instruments. And these people were everywhere: on the bus, on the streets, in their cars and in restaurants. We seemed to be the only real humans in the area. It was mayhem.

Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015


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