Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit GenevaVisit Geneva Visit Geneva There are two places I think you should go next time you are visiting Geneva. Like me, they are not fancy. So if you quickly skimmed the title of this post and thought it would be about Rolex watches and Mont Le Blanc luxury writing instruments the following will deeply disappoint you.

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Hello from Zurich!

Zurich, Switzerland

“Ugh, I can’t believe we HAVE to go to Europe” said no one, ever. People have definitely thought it though.

It’s so laughable, but that was the sentiment just before our direct, over-night flight from Nairobi to Zurich. We were heartbroken to leave Africa but just after touching down in Zurich we became two little emoticons with hearts for eyes and a smiles as long as fondue forks.

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Tourists love Addict Food and Coffee

Addict Fitzroy Addict Fitzroy Addict FitzroyAddict Fitzroy Addict FitzroyAddict Fitzroy

I got married.
It was incredible.
I will show you pictures soon.
I think you will love them, but! you have to tell me what you really think.
We absolutely adored every second of the day but we’re totally biased.

A total of 12 people (who will be referred to as “The Tourists”) came to Australia for the wedding and stayed for at least 2 weeks. The number 12 may seem small – “oh, so much closer to 1 than 100” – but it’s big. Huge! It means 3 cars for transportation, 1 extra large house for accommodation, a late departure from said XL house every morning, and a look of panic from every restaurant staff we walked up to.

Thankfully we found one cafe that kept it’s cool. Addict, in Fitzroy, became The Tourist’s go-to breakfast place. It’s no secret I love Addict – I’ve written about them before – but they deserve a huge round of applause and a million thank you’s for the way they hosted my family and friends during every visit. There were many.

Expectations were high since The Tourists had heard so much about “Australian breakfast” and Addict absolutely ripped those expectations to shreds (probably shreds of ham because, okay – have you tried the eggs benedict!!). There’s no better place for a combination of lovely staff, good looking AND delicious food, lively atmosphere, great coffee and a large communal table.

So thank you, Addict, for showing my group of tourists what Australian breakfast is about.*

Addict Food and Coffee
240-242 Johnston street Fitzroy VIC 3065

*And for your patience.

P.S. Can the Olive Bread special stay around for a very long time?


Roast Beast and Puns / Boston

Roast Beast Roast Beast Roast Beast Roast Beast

There is only one of two ways to be. You can be the type of person or place that is a little bit good at everything or you can be the type that is excellent at one thing. The guys from Roast Beast chose the latter and their passion, if you can’t tell from the pictures above, is puns. No, wait. That’s wrong. It’s roast beef, definitely roast beef.

Never mind how much I love the clever name of the small, convenient and quick shop, this is about the food. Maneuvering your way through is quick and easy. You choose a meat (beef, turkey, chicken breast, pulled pork). Then the size of your sandwich and the type of roll (deli, onion, wheat) (go onion!)(I know, but just do it). You choose your toppings and then make the very hard decision of a picking a sauce. Maybe (definitely) add on some cheese. And if you’re feeling crazy make it a full meal by adding a drink and some Cape Code potato chips on the side.

My only tip would be to savor it. This is one of those sandwiches that you sit down to eat and has vanished by the time you can look up to say, “Holy cow, how good is this!”.

These sandwiches are just delicious, it’s really that plain and simple.

Roast Beast
1080 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
(They offer curbside pick-up)

No. 9 Park / Boston

No. 9 Park No. 9 Park No. 9 Park Boston No. 9 Park

No. 9 Park is a special place.

I don’t mean “special” as in Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen live nearby in a similar looking, gorgeous brownstone in Beacon Hill, even though I hear they do. I mean “special” like it’s fancy, the type of place we’d all go to celebrate an achievement or occasion, or even just the fact we ended up with more money this fortnight than last.

This place has class, what with it’s dark lightning, mirrored walls, and dark wood finishings. It’s somewhere Ron Burgundy and the rest of the Channel 4 news team would have hung out had they broadcast in the 2000’s out of Boston. And even with that, it remains incredibly unstuffy and unpretentious.

The menu is the best part; there are so many mouth watering meals to choose from and so many ways to explore them. They offer a three-course prix-fixe, a chef’s tasting menu or a la cart options off the entire menu (they’ll just have to double check with the chef). So basically, anything is possible. We had so many questions for our excitable, patient and helpful waiter, but he actually seemed to like it.

The menu changes often and also seasonally, with the exception of their most famous dish, the prune-stuffed gnocchi (it’s VERY good). The slow roasted pork belly was exquisite, as was the Terrine of Hudson Valley Foie Gras I ordered. But! what ended up happening on our small table for four was that we each got the three-course prix-fixe menu of an appetizer, an entree and a dessert ($69 each) then shared everything. It truly was a eating extravaganza at No. 9 Park that night.

I am usually either over or underwhelmed by the amount of food consumed at three course meals but the portions we were given felt just right. That is, of course, until the bill landed on the table with complimentary, exotic looking chocolates. That’ll tip anyone over the edge.

If only I lived in Boston and had an Old English Sheepdog named Bleeker who just learned to rollover into a hug, we’d be at No. 9 Park high five-ing over the dark chocolate tart. Because, forget special occasions… any reason for a fancy dinner will do.

No. 9 Park
9 Park St, Boston, MA 02108, United States
617-742-9991 (Call to book in advance)