TBT: Bowls and BBQ

Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls

Today, and every thursday, I’ll be throwing it back to the good times.

We’re taking it back to a time when the sky outside was not solid grey, but bright blue and crystal clear. A time when it was so hot that wearing a hat was necessary for sun protection but impossible due to the level of sweat emitting from the forehead. A time when “of course we’re having beers at 12pm – It’s freaking hot” was totally acceptable and “maybe I’ll just take my clothes off” went through your head as a plausible option. During this time, summer in Australia, having to go out to get supplies for a makeshift BBQ was no problem and lawn bowls was the sport of choice.

It was a damn good time!


Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit GenevaVisit Geneva Visit Geneva There are two places I think you should go next time you are visiting Geneva. Like me, they are not fancy. So if you quickly skimmed the title of this post and thought it would be about Rolex watches and Mont Le Blanc luxury writing instruments the following will deeply disappoint you.

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Visit StockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmVisit StockholmVisit StockholmVisit Stockholm

I’m absolutely smitten with Stockholm. It’s the first place we’ve been so far where Jack and I have thought we could seamlessly make a move and it would work. Easily. We’d probably even buy property in the form of a boat.

We would live in the area of Sodermalm, for sure, in a cute 2 bedroom flat as close to Götgatan Street as possible. I would get my morning coffee and fresh bread for breakfast from the gorgeous bakery called Fabrique. I would do (some of)(due to $$$) my food shopping at Nytorget Urban Deli in the super hip and up-and-coming area of SOFO, where I multitask by also visiting some trendy vintage and second hand stores.

I would stomp my way through the cobblestone laneways of Gamla Stan, The Old Town, to get a hot-chocolate from Chokladkoppen. I would actually stop by there all the time, just because.

We would go to the movies at the small and charming Victoria Theatre. It would take me some time to learn Swedish but they don’t dub their movies here so only knowing how to speak english wouldn’t be a problem.

I would make Jack swedish meatballs from Meatballs for The People on the regular. Sometimes Jack will surprise me and take me out to eat there instead. He’d probably give me a bouquet of ranunculus on that day too, because they are my new favorite flower and he somehow knew that.

Running around Djurgarden, the first National City Park, would be a given. Duh!

I would adopt the Swedish tradition of having fika, a completely acceptable coffee (and pastry) break around 4pm. I like this a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

When my parents come to visit I would take them to a fancy-ish restaurant on the water, like, Angbatsbryggan Restaurang where the food is actually outstanding. Then we would stop by the Vasa Museum so I could impress them with the guided tour routine I would have been working on (It will be in Swedish – headphones with english audio would be provided at no charge).

Weekends would be spent at 7 Snickarbacken reading, writing and daydreaming, but I would behave myself when I stop by the perfectly curated shop at the back. I don’t really need an $80 beanie even though it fits my (slightly larger than normal) head perfectly. Or I do?

Semla season would come around and I would rejoice with the rest of Sweden. I would split one – no, I would enjoy an entire one on my own with a filtered coffee from Gunnarssons Cafe. Every day. Cue the importance of running.

I would become a member of Fotografiska, a photography museum with a killer restaurant inside. I would visit whenever there is a new exhibition or when I’m in need of some inspiration. I would probably have a beer, preferably Sleepy Bulldog on tap, at the bar and enjoy the fantastic view of Gamla Stan.

A hobby of mine would be to find new things to do every week and add them to my “I Would” list.

We were only in Stockholm for a 5 days so I know we barely skimmed the surface, but it seems like life in Stockholm would be bordering on perfect. If you don’t believe me, watch this. 

You know what they say… if something seems like it would be perfect, then it probably is and you should move to Sweden straight away.

Not Your Typical Day in Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Do you know what Fasnacht is? No? Don’t worry. Neither did I.

We had planned to visit the peaceful and elegant town of Lucerne for just one day. I’d been before and wanted Jack to witness it’s beauty. It was summer when I went last so I knew it would be different but I can tell you, with all certainty in the world, I was not expecting to experience anything like Fasnacht .

Fasnacht is the name for Lucerne’s 6-day carnival that celebrates the good things life: happiness, alcohol, music and costumes.

Fasnacht 2015

I was navigating our short drive from Zurich to Lucerne so I had my eye out for road signs and street names. As soon as we saw a sign that alerted us we were in Lucerne, I saw them. “OMG, I just saw people in the alleyway with really big heads.” I yelled. I was excited, confused, and a bit scared. Before I tried to explain, we started seeing them everywhere: people in extraordinary costumes, some with large instruments. And these people were everywhere: on the bus, on the streets, in their cars and in restaurants. We seemed to be the only real humans in the area. It was mayhem.

Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015Fasnacht 2015


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Hello from Zurich!

Zurich, Switzerland

“Ugh, I can’t believe we HAVE to go to Europe” said no one, ever. People have definitely thought it though.

It’s so laughable, but that was the sentiment just before our direct, over-night flight from Nairobi to Zurich. We were heartbroken to leave Africa but just after touching down in Zurich we became two little emoticons with hearts for eyes and a smiles as long as fondue forks.

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda!

Bwindi Gorilla Trek

There is a picture of me from when I was 4 years old on a trip to Universal Studios Orlando. The picture, taken just after going  on the King Kong ride, features the smiling faces of my mom, my dad and my brother. I, on the other hand, look petrified. My dad is holding me and I am hysterically crying. Obviously, being near a gorilla was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, then and since.

Growing up I just figured I must have been scared of gorillas. Never did I think that I would see them in the wild. But I did! In Bwindi, Uganda. And I didn’t even cry.

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