Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit Geneva Visit GenevaVisit Geneva Visit Geneva There are two places I think you should go next time you are visiting Geneva. Like me, they are not fancy. So if you quickly skimmed the title of this post and thought it would be about Rolex watches and Mont Le Blanc luxury writing instruments the following will deeply disappoint you.

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Hello from Zurich!

Zurich, Switzerland

“Ugh, I can’t believe we HAVE to go to Europe” said no one, ever. People have definitely thought it though.

It’s so laughable, but that was the sentiment just before our direct, over-night flight from Nairobi to Zurich. We were heartbroken to leave Africa but just after touching down in Zurich we became two little emoticons with hearts for eyes and a smiles as long as fondue forks.

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Tourists love Addict Food and Coffee

Addict Fitzroy Addict Fitzroy Addict FitzroyAddict Fitzroy Addict FitzroyAddict Fitzroy

I got married.
It was incredible.
I will show you pictures soon.
I think you will love them, but! you have to tell me what you really think.
We absolutely adored every second of the day but we’re totally biased.

A total of 12 people (who will be referred to as “The Tourists”) came to Australia for the wedding and stayed for at least 2 weeks. The number 12 may seem small – “oh, so much closer to 1 than 100” – but it’s big. Huge! It means 3 cars for transportation, 1 extra large house for accommodation, a late departure from said XL house every morning, and a look of panic from every restaurant staff we walked up to.

Thankfully we found one cafe that kept it’s cool. Addict, in Fitzroy, became The Tourist’s go-to breakfast place. It’s no secret I love Addict – I’ve written about them before – but they deserve a huge round of applause and a million thank you’s for the way they hosted my family and friends during every visit. There were many.

Expectations were high since The Tourists had heard so much about “Australian breakfast” and Addict absolutely ripped those expectations to shreds (probably shreds of ham because, okay – have you tried the eggs benedict!!). There’s no better place for a combination of lovely staff, good looking AND delicious food, lively atmosphere, great coffee and a large communal table.

So thank you, Addict, for showing my group of tourists what Australian breakfast is about.*

Addict Food and Coffee
240-242 Johnston street Fitzroy VIC 3065

*And for your patience.

P.S. Can the Olive Bread special stay around for a very long time?


The Art of Eating Hobart

Hobart, Tasmania

In my time stalking Hobart I realized there are two ways you can go about visiting – you can either make it a foodie trip or a sight seeing trip. We wanted a sight seeing trip that offered good food when we desperately needed it. It wasn’t the easiest task to find recommendations for food in Hobart so I thought this might help anyone planning a trip over there soon. OMG! You’re going this weekend? Excellent! Read below carefully.

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Demitri’s Feast in Richmond

Demitri's Feast RichmondDemitri's Feast Demitri's Feast Demitri's Feast

Occasionally I am late to things.

Some say it’s because I’m Hispanic which means I automatically add 15 minutes to any start time. Some other people (mostly me) say it’s because I take public transportation and the fate of my timing lies with the trams and trains of the city.

Last week I learned that the consequences of being late for an early-morning-before-work breakfast date with friends is that THEY ORDER FOR YOU! The nerve.

I’d been looking forward to a Greek breakfast at Demitri’s for some time. The small cafe on Swan St. creates a comfortable, fun atmosphere even at 7:30 am, and the outdoor patio at the back begs the question(s), ‘is summer here yet? Oh, not yet? When will it be? Oh, common. Just a guesstimate will do’. The menu involves such sexy, exotic offerings that you have to come prepared to take a risk and try anything. I was salivating over plates like: Spanish sardines, Maria’s egg saganaki, the rizogulo, or even the Ouzo cured salmon. I wanted any plate that was not described the same way on any other cafe’s menu.

First, I would like to fair to my friends and say that they waited as long as possible before ordering for me so, really, I can only blame myself. As I walked in and ordered a coffee they were excited to tell me that we were all getting the same thing: The smashed avocado.

I was disappointed but only until the plates were placed in front of us. This smashed avocado plate is not like all the others I’ve tried. It’s plentiful and filling and comes with all the sides I always wish I could add on: bacon, confit cherry tomatoes and a poached egg.

Second, I would like to be 100% honest and admit that I’ve been back to Demitri’s since and found myself (and Jack) ordering the smashed avocado. So maybe I’m not as big of a risk taker as I thought, but when you know something is good I guess curiosity for the exotic and sexy goes out the window. Wait – what am I writing about here?

Demitri’s Feast 
141 Swan Street, Richmond 3121
Open Tuesday – Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am to 4.30am


Giddi Up on Sunday

Giddy Up South Melbourne Giddy Up South Melbourne Giddy Up South Melbourne
This weekend I found a place that fills my stomach with butterflies and adds a cute, permanent blush color to my cheeks. This place makes me want to forget all my hopes and dreams and make it my usual Sunday spot. No more exploring Melbourne trying out new places. No more barraging strangers and friends alike to tell me their favorite places to eat. Every weekend would be all about Giddi Up.

Giddi Up is so simple, calming and welcoming. I stopped by early Sunday for a quick breakfast on my way to South Melbourne Market, but found myself staying half the morning.

The relaxing sounds of a bustling cafe are subtle but present: The coffee machine smack, the milk steamer going nuts, the clinking of freshly washed water glasses, the friendly staff taking orders. Combine all of that with excellent music and even better food, and you, my friend, have found the way to my heart.

I tried downloading Shazam so I could copy the ambience at home, but it didn’t work. So I grew some red hot chili peppers and asked, it was a pre-made playlist featuring Wild Child and Noah and the Whale. Oh! What a coincidence. That’s what’s playing through my Sonos right now.

As far as food goes, I tried the smoked salmon, ricotta and avocado plate and completely devoured it in my mom’s honor. It’s a plate I know she would obsess over, just as I did. I can’t wait to take her in December.

Bottom line is that I know myself. I know I have fallen under this type of enchantment for one too many cafes in the past and have never been able to change my ways. I am who I am and I’ll always see as many cafes as I want.

Giddi up, I want you to know though, every time I go to a new cafe and it fails me I will think of you.

Giddi Up
269 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
Open 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 8am