Ah! You’ve made it! And you’re early. How exciting, yet embarrassing for me!

Ignore the chocolate caramel stains on my shirt I haven’t been able to do laundry. Oh, and I’m sorry about the smell of popcorn, no amount of air freshener helps. Come in and welcome to my home in the internet!

Within the walls of my warehouse-y, not yet renovated space you will find stories about food related experiences, details about meals had around the world, travel photos and anecdotes, names of restaurants and the reasons why I really feel you should visit them, and recipes I want to remember when I can’t get to my overflowing recipe folder at my Real Life house. Oh, and sometimes you’ll find just all around cool, normal posts about life stuff. I wouldn’t want you to think the only thing in the world that interests me is food (… she says as she takes a bite of her arepa and watches as the melted butter drips on her lap).

This little place I have grown to love with all my stomach was born from my adoration for food, writing, and sharing stories, and a little bit of loneliness.

In 2011 I moved to Melbourne, Australia only really knowing one person, Jack, and absolutely not realizing this city was a paradise for humans that like to eat. It was too hard for me to call my mom and sister back in the US just to share details about the thickness of the bacon (and this style of coffee called flat white, and the people’s obsession with avocado, and the fact that a bowl of chips constitutes as a meal here). Sending pictures through Whatsapp wouldn’t suffice. So I did the next best thing. I put together the pictures and text on this very blog and sent each story straight to their inbox. I suspect they both now have extremely full To Be Read Urgently folders in their mailboxes.

Fast forward a year, give and take a few months, and this blog has become my most trusted friend and loyal companion, a long side Jack.

Would you like to stay over for dinner?

All photographs are copyright to Bianca Cuffia.

Contact: wherefoodisiam@gmail.com

9 responses

  1. This blog is awesome! Well written, great pics and it’s making my decision to visit Australia that much easier! Keep it up! Hope all is well!

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