Things have changed around here a little bit.

I’ve gone and upgraded my blog from a wordpress.com to wordpress.org – it’s all very technical stuff only us “coders” and “web designers” (hahah, YEA RIGHT!) would understand. Point is, you will no longer be receiving emails of articles posted on this blog and you will no longer be seeing anything posted on here either. It has all been boxed up and moved to www.wherefoodis.com (which I know is confusing because it holds the same name as this one used to but just bare with me).

If you’d like to keep on following and getting blog posts straight to your email all you need to is go to www.wherefoodis.com which will take you to the new blog. Then scroll down. On the sidebar to the right there will be a box called FOLLOW and a plea to be pen pals. You can enter your preferred email there and click submit.

If you wouldn’t like to keep following the blog then don’t do a thing! Stay just the way you are, you look great. But do check in every now and then because we’ll miss ya!

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