Lichtenstein: The Smallest Country I’ve Ever Been!


I never thought I would visit the country of Liechtenstein, mostly because I had no idea it was it’s own country until I started planning this trip. Yea… embarrassing! You probably did know that though, you know everything.


Liechtenstein was acting as a stopover for our drive from the west of Switzerland to Innsbruck, Austria. I didn’t think too much about the hotel I booked. I was only looking for something that was near Vaduz (the capital city with a population of 5,207*), cost effective, clean and fit three people. I found a gem called Hotel Oberland.


While driving into Liechtenstein late at night, I realized the hotel wasn’t in Vaduz but on the mountain over looking it, in a town called Triesenberg. Going up a thin and curvy one-way street, as we passed the Vaduz Castle, we noticed the city view lit up down below. We couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and see the same view.


You will understand then why I was so surprised when I came out for coffee the next morning and the view of the city was not there. There was a blue sky above and (what I thought was) a blanket of snow covering Vaduz below. I have to admit that my first thought was, “uh, why isn’t anyone else freaking out.”


It took me a total of one minute to realize it was fog; luscious, thick, creamy fog. I wanted to jump it. It was extraordinary to me: so tightly packed to the every side of the mountains. It was as if the city of Vaduz was a hot chocolate and the cream on top was the fog.

I shared my findings with the hotel manager and she proudly replied, “yes, I never get tired of this view. It feels like we’re on top of the world.”

As you can see, I kept an eye on the fog all morning.


Later that morning, driving through the fog was an experience all on it’s own.

lichtenstein*To put the size of Lichtenstein perspective, my highschool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida had a total population of 2,500. Also, the population of the country of Lichtenstein is estimated at 35,000 while the population of the city of Fort Lauderdale is 172,000+.





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